THE HONEYEATER is the story of a woman, Eulalia, and her childhood sweetheart, Fabio. A young, handsome, and brilliant doctoral candidate, he has political ambitions. Soon after they wed, Fabio is unfaithful to Eulalia with the person she’d never expect. Her sister. After she re-builds her life with a new love, she is re-united with Fabio. Will Eulalia realize that he belongs to her childhood—to the past? Or will she release her new life—alongside her new love—to return to the man who loved and betrayed her? Once and for all, Eulalia must choose between the two loves of her life, and so find a measure of happiness.

A story of love, heartbreak and renewal, THE HONEYEATER attests that a young woman can survive love, heartbreak, betrayal. THE HONEYEATER is an enthralling generational story of two families and the inevitable love that arose between Eulalia and Fabio--who were not meant to fall in love--but did.

A contemporary women's novel, THE HONEYEATER features a painting by artist Claudia Olivos and was a finalist in the 2014 D.I.V.A. Awards.

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