Yolanda A. Reid is the author of The Honeyeater—a contemporary women's novel about love, heartbreak and betrayal that was a finalist in the 2014 D. I. V. A. Awards--and Porridge & Cucu: My CHildhood, a YA novel. Sonnets to the Japim Bird is her debut poetry collection. Ms. Reid's poems and short fiction have appeared in literary journals and e-zines such as “Starlight Poets” (Starlight Press), “Mysteries of the Lyric World,” and others. She writes frequently about books, writers, and authors at her book review blog Y Reid Books? and her new blog, The Book Grotto. Her most recent personal essay, evoked by a lifelong interest in Chinese art and culture, is "The Bird's Nest: How I learned Chinese and Changed My Life." She lives in the US.

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